From AP teacher to Magnet coordinator: Coach Auld


Haley Kish

Mr. James Auld strikes the same pose as his cutout self, representing his evolution from teaching AP Human Geography to becoming the Magnet Coordinator. Auld finds the transition from AP teacher to Magnet Coordinator challenging, yet rewarding, as he looks forward to interacting and impacting the magnet program as a whole. “I hope to expand the types of opportunities that the students get to experience while in the International Studies program to make their experience better,” Auld said.

Haley Kish, Photo Editor

From teaching hundreds of AP Human Geography students to becoming Magnet Coordinator at NC, Mr. James Auld takes over for previous Magnet Coordinator, Mr. David Stephenson. Nearly two decades ago, Auld taught Government, Psychology, and Current Events before taking over teaching AP Human Geography to freshmen in the newly instituted Magnet program at NC. 

Auld stood by Stephenson’s side throughout his eight years as Magnet Coordinator, learning the Magnet world on a behind-the-scenes level. Stephenson unofficially trained Auld for the position, bringing him to middle schools around Cobb County in hopes of alluring students to the program. 

After teaching AP Human Geography for so long, Auld misses both teaching, building relationships with students, and meeting incoming Magnet freshmen. However, Auld feels he will stay more connected with students of all grade levels since his promotion because he can walk into classes.

“I did like it [teaching], so I will miss it sometimes, but at the same time, I can impact all 350 magnet students in this role. I am excited to sustain a relationship with the students in and outside of the classroom in lots of different ways throughout all four years of their experience,” Auld said.

Auld left the traditional classroom setting behind and brainstormed new ways to continue building and sustaining relationships with current and future Magnet students. He plans to continue traveling abroad with the Magnet freshman class during February break, and the junior Magnet class during the summer, while also organizing community service events and clubs that capture the International Studies focus. 

“I’ll try to build connections with incoming students through the program, making sure that it is advertised so that we can get as many kids on a global cuisine club restaurant outing or a community service event or a field trip. The usual travel will also help, I’ll travel with freshmen every February and juniors in June,” Auld said.

With Auld stepping up, the Magnet program foresees positive changes that will impact the level of attention NC gains from the community. Auld plans to accomplish this by targeting high-achieving middle school students in the middle schools he will visit all across the county to boost the NC Magnet program. 

Auld focuses on embracing the concept of International Studies within the program, making it a foundation that encourages Magnet students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the outside world. Auld no longer teaches AP Human Geography but he plans to continue making a mark on the International Studies Magnet program here at NC. He plans to add new programs and experiences to enhance the Magnet program to make students want to attend and continue to attend NC.


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