Get ready with Fashion Club


Rose Ordonio on Canva

Fashion Club makes its debut to become a part of the NC club scene. Through its new beginnings, the club already plans innovative ideas to instill itself in the school community. Created by club president senior Ryan Brown, Fashion Club fosters an environment where students can convene to discuss their chic interests and a place to pursue their career paths. Through addressing topics of the fashion industry and inspiration from other NC clubs, the Fashion Club’s new mission focuses on creating a fashion show to shine a light on a growing issue in the creative industry: sustainability.

Rose Ordonio, Reporter

Fashion Club hits the runway to become one of NC’s emerging clubs. Under the leadership of club president senior Ryan Brown, the club began through the inspiration of creating a unique organization that allows students with a fashionable interests to come together. From the start of a new chapter back in December, the club kicked off 2023 with new ideas to make their mark on Warrior nation. 

“I’ve been into fashion for a long time and I wanted to start something new in school since I had participated in other clubs around North Cobb. I thought there was already a fashion club so I tried to find it but there wasn’t, so I had the crazy idea to make my own club,” Brown said.

Meeting every Wednesday in room 611, the club’s creativity shines through the meetings by including conversations and activities members can actively participate in. Discussions on issues in the fashion industry ranging from sustainability and cultural appropriation foster members’ understanding of the ins and outs of the industry. By bringing up social topics regarding the fashion industry, students’ opinions and experiences blend into their discourses and cultivate ideas on changing aspects of the industry that inspires the club. The chapter stimulates the creativity of all members by adding their own styles and flares through jewelry-making and clothing-designing.

The club now sets its eyes on plans for a fashion show after raising the issue of unsustainability in the fashion industry. They plan to create a fundraiser where members can showcase their creativity, selling an array of handmade jewelry,  phone charms and earrings. By adding to NC’s style and aesthetics, the club plans to use the funds to showcase styled and designed thrift clothes, showing the ability to reimagine used clothes. The chapter hopes to fashionably educate others on ideas to impact sustainability and create a stylish solution to the catwalk on the runway just in time for the spring season.

Despite their new beginnings, Fashion Club continuously sets new goals and projects through the help of their open environment that lets members share ideas and inspiration from other NC’s club activities. The club creates a space where students can dive into their career path choices in the fashion industry or a community that shares this innovative interest.

“I feel like the club is creative in a way because you don’t see these types of ideas in the community, especially in schools and it’s a great way for people to show their personalities through clothes, makeup and hair,” sophomore Cynthia Ibarra said.