NC’s Greenhouse Gang grows a human


Rose Ordonio

A new ground-breaking discovery developed on campus by NC’s club, the Greenhouse Gang: the blossoming of a human. The club breaks away from the normally green leaves and floral scents, moving on to growing full-sized humans. The discovery brought excitement to the NC community and beyond, with numerous people surrounding the club’s greenhouse meeting ground. They plan to showcase their discovery to the public during their annual Mother’s Day plant sale.

Rose Ordonio, Reporter

One of NC’s fastest-growing clubs, Greenhouse Gang, now sets its eyes on a new type of species: the human species. Known for their bright floral colors and beautifying the NC campus, the club brews the discovery of their successful experiment of the ability to grow a full-sized human. After successfully growing numerous diverse plant species over the years, they look to leave a statement on the science and NC community by exploring the possibility of growing humans. 

Sponsor and Zoology and Forensics teacher Susan Aughey expressed the desire to propose a revolutionary endeavor to continue expanding the club’s impact and add it to their resume. After starting the development at the beginning of 2023 and through the nurturing of the Greenhouse Gang members, they started testing samples named Human Biotest. One of the test samples of the experiment began to extend an arm and then two days later, the test sample kicked out a leg. The sample maintained to grow more body parts until a full-sized human popped out of the plant pot. The human currently stays inside the translucent walls of their meeting grounds, the school campus greenhouse. 

News of the discovery caught the attention of curious students and other reporters who surround the greenhouse who seek to catch a glimpse of the walking test sample.. Greenhouse Gang members also gained recognition with people asking them questions and a reputation for experiencing a part of this unique experience. 

“So many people have approached me asking about the whole experiment. Honestly, I kinda liked all the attention because it was such a cool experience to be a part of. I was a little skeptical of the experiment working out but all of that went away once I saw the finger and toes growing out for myself,” said junior Sarah Abdallah. 

This event just came in time for the club’s Mother’s Day plant sale, a fundraiser they hold after months of planning. Members show up every Wednesday and Thursday meeting to laboriously plant everything from basil to four o’clocks. Along with showcasing the copious amount of plants available for sale, the club plans to show off its human test sample and allow people to explore the place where the experiment started. 

“This year’s plant sale is going to be out of this world!  I already have people on a reservation list and I’m expecting a lot of people to show up. This discovery has definitely brought amazing reception to the Greenhouse Gang name. So excited to bring more information to help the growth of future experiments. Can’t wait until May,” said the club’s sponsor Susan Aughey. 


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