Dear Alicia


Alex O'Brien

Alicia and Adam cheesing

Adam Kovel, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

NC loses its senior class to the “real world” Thursday, but The Chant suffers a loss more detrimental than imaginable Wednesday. Editor-In-Chief Alicia Bush moves on to Florida A&M University this coming fall, surely someone to put their name on the map. For Bush proves a fearless leader, a skillful writer, a caring individual, a hilarious comic, a kind heart, and an incredible human being.

Bush joined The Chant as a sophomore who, like most “newsies,” did not understand what a single class could do for her until being thrown into the fire that is journalism. After proving relentless desire to improve, she became trusted to take over a page editor position for two categories, double the load of any other staff member. Still, she doubted her ability to sway minds of then-Editor-In-Chief Emily Jones and Adviser Ms. Kovel to become our next leader. However, her selfless pursuit for the paper to succeed despite its leader, combined with her uncanny ability to craft the perfect sentence and leadership qualities earned her the job, never looking back.

Alicia and Adam being natural
Alex O’Brien
Alicia and Adam being natural

Bush challenged herself to become versatile, and it paid dividends. She became the first on staff for an article to make its way onto “Best of SNO,” a national site for high school newspaper-extraordinaires. She also won awards at GSPA for an in-depth feature on Magnet bus rides and a review on hit-show Blackish. When nobody offered to write an article, she rose her hand and her ability.

As a sophomore joining newspaper, I never met Bush until that first class, and I surely never realized how impactful she would remain in my life until we bonded. During “mandatory late” sessions, Bush and I often found ourselves in the Publications Office alone. She told me her worries and concerns regarding her future position on staff and in life, while I discussed typical coming-of-age concerns, including, but certainly not limited to, the traditional “I do not know who I am.”

This year, Bush acts as if she proves no concern and fosters the ability along with the confidence to lead by example. She challenged me to write more articles while balancing the task of editing each story, in hopes of me becoming half the leader she is as I become Editor-In-Chief next year.

Bush’s qualities reign higher than just writing and leading. She genuinely cares for each person in her life, loves larger than her flamboyant personality, makes sure to laugh, and appreciates everything. The endless debates in room 610 regarding proper ways to pronounce “police” show where she comes from, to which she stays loyal. However, her ability to laugh at herself indicates where she is headed. Her aforementioned booming laugh nature will forever leave its imprint at NC, and in her classmates’ hearts, no matter how many miles away it currently resides.

In yet another “deep talk” between the two of us, I shared concerns about filling her footsteps next year. Bush, in all of her 18-years of advanced wisdom, said one statement that will live with me for the rest of my days. She simply said, “do not fill my shoes, we’re different leaders and different people. Just buy another pair.”

To Alicia Maia Bush: Thank you for the countless laughs, the mandatory-late sessions after school, the faith you embody, the guidance, the encouragement, and the friendship we share. Nobody holds any doubts that you will succeed at FAMU, just remember to buy your own shoes on the way there. It will prove a perfect fit.