What are you doing for spring break?


Denise Thomas

With spring break approaching, NC students share their plans with many heading to the beach.

Denise Thomas, Reporter

With Spring Break approaching, NC students prepare to pack their bags and head on down to the beach, relax, or enjoy time with family and friends.

Senior Karla Abundis plans to vacation in Destin, Florida alongside all of her closest friends.

“We are getting a condo and staying for five days. I’m really excited,” Abundis said.

Tara Anastasoff
Senior Karla Abundis

Kierra McIntyre, another senior at NC, cannot wait to reach Florida as well, however, McIntyre’s spring break centers around family. Her final spring break living at home, called for time with family before taking on college on her own.

“I’m going to Jacksonville, Florida for spring break to enjoy the beach and the sun,” McIntyre said.

Tara Anastasoff
Senior Kierra McIntyre

Sophomore Chance McGarey vacations in Florida frequently as well, as his family owns land there.

“I’m going down to Venice, Florida with my dad. We have our own place down there, and that’s usually where I spend most of my summers too,” McGarey said.

Tara Anastasoff
Sophomore Chase McGarey

Freshman Brian Salinas eagerly awaits spring break as his family ventures down to Florida as well, but instead of soaking up the sun at the beach, Salinas will visit Disney World for the first time. The idea of riding on all of the ride thrills him, and he patiently waits to see what magic Disney World holds.

Tara Anastasoff
Freshman Brian Salinas

Not all of NC intends to spend their spring break in Florida, though. Josh Jenkins, a sophomore at NC and member of the crew for NC’s broadcast news show Tomahawk Today, decided to utilize his time off by improving his photography and filming skills.

“I’m going to be writing and shooting a bunch of videos for Tomahawk Today, hopefully,” Jenkins said.

Tara Anastasoff
Sophomore Josh Jenkins

Senior Madeline Guillen will visit Maryland for her senior spring break. Guillen’s trip centers around her grandmother.

“I’m going to visit my grandmother who just turned 90 years old recently. Some of my cousins will be there too,” Guillen said.

Tara Anastasoff
Senior Maddie Guillen

Regardless of where NC students head for spring break, everyone hopes for clear skies and warm weather before the two month stretch to summer vacation and graduation for the seniors approaches.