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Men and women athletes constantly face different hardships throughout their careers in that particular sport they excel in. These athletes make different wages based on gender, not on how hard they work. Athletes begin facing these separations at a young age when they start their sport and the differences start appearing.

Gender wage gap with professional athletes

Haley Kish, Photo Editor
December 12, 2019
The NC girls golf team, participating in matches every Thursday, hope to improve the rate of matches the team wins this year. The returning golfers hope this season turns out for the best. “There are more girls than we’ve ever had before and that’ll definitely make a difference. Since there’s not just one new person, it will be a learning experience for everyone. The varsity girls will be closer to the newer girls because we have to help out more than previous seasons,” magnet senior Mary Tworek said.

Hole in one: The girls’ golf season begins

Haley Kish, Reporter, Photographer
March 18, 2019
Will Hargis teaches AP and on-level Psychology along with Melanie Shelnutt, who will retire later this year. In addition to advising multiple clubs, Hargis will take over the full AP psychology program beginning next school year. “I enjoy being a role model for the kids, and I have never regretted taking on so much in the school. I know that I am ready to take over the AP psych program,”Hargis said.

Now featuring: Will Hargis

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager
November 7, 2018
As the NC golf team prepares to swing back into action, coaches and team members give a sneak peek into what this season will look like.

The “tee” on the spring golf season

Rachel Maxwell, Social media manager
February 7, 2018
After setting up the scene for the game, the members grab their putters and putt away. Moore gives some advice on putting, “Just practice, it’s alright if you don’t hit every shot, as long as you can get one every once in awhile,” says Moore.

Putt Putt club a hole in one at NC

Riley O'Neill, Reporter, Political cartoonist
March 3, 2016
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