The Chant

With differences in socialization and lived experiences, people of different genders inevitably encounter differences and disagreements. However, people should never use these differences as leverage to discredit and disrespect an entire gender.

Stop saying “All Men”

Jenny Loveland, Co-Copy Editor
May 12, 2022
Over the years, misconceptions about Africa have deterred the world from properly acknowledging its environs and its people. Referred to for a while as the bush filled with all of life’s negative effects, the world slowly tries to bridge the divide and acknowledge Africa and its inhabitants. Through education, hope arises that eventually all continents will accept each other and work together to improve the world.

Dear Non-Africans

Lisa-Quinn Ndegwa, Reporter, Photographer
May 7, 2019
My kids watch what?

My kids watch what?

Nia-Simone Sherwood, Reporter, Videographer
October 24, 2018
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