Senior lacrosse players win last home game of the season


Isabella Keaton

The NC Warrior boys lacrosse team will lose eight of their talented senior players after this season finishes. All athletes plan to finish out their senior lacrosse year by participating in playoffs for the second time.

Isabella Keaton, Reporter, Photographer

NC senior lacrosse boys played their last home varsity game against the McEachern High School Indians on Wednesday March 21. Senior managers Sandy Dang, Sarah Punch, and head manager Sarah Smith all helped lead the Warriors to victory in their last home game. Winning their last home game 10-8, seniors took their last walk across the home field as lacrosse players at senior night.

“Leaving NC lacrosse is going to be tough because all my brothers are on the team, but we all have to go our separate ways,” senior Tim Emerson said.

Junior Noah Mckouen won every faceoff against the Indians. When he won the ball the first time, Mckouen passed it to senior Alan Berkoski, who scored a goal.  

“I’ve had a lot more fun junior and senior year than my freshman and sophomore year because that’s when I made my close friends and playing varsity was really cool,” Berkoski said.

Berkoski took over 15 shots at the goal and managed to score 5 times. Juniors Shemar Samual and Miller McWilliams, and senior Jackson Gallman also scored goals to contributed to the end score 10-8.

At the end of the game, seniors and their families met by the concession stand to walk their players down the field for the last time. Parents Sara Mckouen and Michelle Nolen helped set up the arch of balloons players walked through.

Each senior player and manager walked with their families through the crowd of fellow players and coaches. Athletic director Matt Williams, principal Joseph Horton, and head coach John Almy greeted and congratulated each player on their success in high school lacrosse.

“Leaving kinda blows, even though I have bruises up and down my arms I’m not going to miss. It was a fun four years, but now we have to move on and make something out of ourselves,” Berkoski said.