NC shines with a variety of fun


Isabella Keaton

Seniors Skye Farmer and Makyha “Keys” Guy performed their dancing/singing duet to Jealous by Labrinth. While Farmer danced around the stage, Guy sang with her amazing voice. The two dominated the stage as they told the sad story of a couple breaking up through the song.

Isabella Keaton, Features Editor

NC Standing Ovation presented their second annual Variety Show November 8 and 9. Student directed by seniors Isabella Keaton and Hope Kutsche, the two students held auditions for the show and chose 12 acts from the 26 who auditioned on October 29.

With some returning performers from last year’s Variety Show, the students rehearsed for one week before the show opened. The seniors coached the new performers for their upcoming performance and prepared them for their shining moment on stage.

Sophomore Emma Tonge opened the show with her cover of There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes. Tong, a gifted NC thespian, enjoyed the opportunity to perform in the Variety Show as it helped her gain confidence.

“I just really love making people happy and performing for people. When they all clap along to my song, it makes me happy that I’m giving a good performance and that the audience members are enjoying it,” Tonge said.

Isabella Keaton
The second annual Variety Show took place on November 8 and 9 and excited students of all grade levels. With acts of all kinds, the Variety Show proved as an amazing opportunity for students to receive experience and a chance to perform on stage.

First time performer and senior Indalaya Wilson currently sings in Holly Botella’s women’s chorus class and auditioned for her first solo performance in the Variety Show. Singing a cover of Make You Feel My Love by Adele, Wilson loves to perform, and the Variety Show presented her with a chance to perform alone on stage.

“I have really loved the Variety Show and getting to know a bunch of new people. Show nights were so much fun, and I’m so happy I decided to audition,” Wilson said.

Lighting up the night, junior Taylor Catlin performed her Poi light dance for the second year in a row. Poi, originating from the Māori people of New Zealand, consists of tethered weights spun in rhythmic and geometric patterns. As the audience sat in darkness, Caltin lit up the stage with her magical performance.

The Variety Show concluded with a duet from seniors Skye Farmer and Makyha “Keys” Guy. While Guy sang a cover of Jealous by Labrinth, Farmer danced to the song with a single rose. Farmer elegantly moved around Guy as the two put on a stunning performance.

“Honestly, I really love the applause. It makes us feel good and reassures me that I am a talented performer,” Farmer said.

Keaton and Kutsche remain immensely proud of all the performers for their hard work to put together a flawless production in only three rehearsals. The two student directors hope to pass down the Variety Show director roles to the next President and Vice President of Drama Club.