The stars tell me everything


Elyssa Abbott, Reporter, Photographer

Astrology, the study of the movement of the sun, moon, planets, and stars regarding their effects on human actions, dates back almost 2,000 years ago. Farmers used the sky as a calendar for crop seasons, and travelers depended on the stars for direction. Today, however, people no longer depend on the sky for direction on the road, but for direction in life.

Non-believers of astrology wonder why people look to the stars for answers about their life. Although astrology does not use science, psychology does back up why people believe in horoscopes so strongly. In a world full of uncertainty, astrology provides reassurance about the future.

Horoscopes became popular during the “New Age” movement, which started in the 1970s and promotes the idea that coincidences do not just happen in life. This belief system holds the ideas regarding reincarnation, metaphysics, and astrology with importance. Astrology offers an answer to why certain things happen in life. Why did I get fired from my job? Why did my significant other break up with me?

Psychologically speaking, astrology does help people. Those who visit an astrologer leave feeling satisfied and reassured. Horoscopes may not predict one’s future accurately, but knowing one’s horoscope can feel useful when conquering life. Astrologers may not actually know if a relationship exists between orbits in space and human activity on Earth, but the advice they can give does not hurt.

Those that do not believe in astrology do so because horoscopes can seem vague, but a lack of knowledge comes into play here. When evaluating one’s horoscope, looking at just at the sun sign (determined by the date of birth) does not fully explain a person. For example, moon signs explain inner feelings and emotions, and Venus signs determine one’s love life. All of the different signs together can analyze a complex personality.

Besides the fact that horoscopes make people feel reassured, they also just provide something interesting to look at. Researching what your sign, who you should date, and who you should choose as your friends acts as a fun activity.

Historical figures throughout time, such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, used astrology in their own lives. These two examples of people that utilized astrology to make important decisions show the importance of guidance and counsel, especially on future matters. The planets may even help you decide what to study in college or who to take to prom.