BREAKING: No more prom at NC


Maddie Dean

The most important event for a high school student occurs every year during Spring. Unfortunately for students at NC, prom may no longer exist due to the new jumbotron. The Golden Gala, now immortalized in the archives, marks the end of a longstanding high school tradition.

Maddie Dean, Reporter, Photographer

Prom, the most important event for high school students, no longer exists at NC starting in the year 2020. The shocking news came from Principal Matthew Moody early Friday morning before spring break. In an email to parents, Moody announced the installment of a brand new jumbotron for the football stadium. However, due to the screen’s high quality, NC went over Cobb County school’s budget by $3 million dollars.

“I apologize to all students across campus for this tragic news. I truly care for our students but the jumbotron overrules everybody here. The jumbotron is necessary for our Warrior football team in order for us to become champions, football is our main priority here. However, I did not expect for us to go over our school budgets, but it’s all worth it in the end,” Moody said.

Unfortunately for current and future students, the jumbotron’s aftermath will last for ten years due to the tremendous debt. Expected to arrive in late July of this year, the jumbotron will replace the school’s current scoreboard.

“The jumbotron is huge, ladies and gentlemen! I know students here are upset that we won’t have a prom anymore, but if you think about it, prom is overrated. Besides, the jumbotron blows bubbles when we win. It’s like a bubble party every time we win,” Queen said.

Despite the high expectations for the jumbotron from the administration, students continue to show their frustration with NC.

“I’m sad that we no longer have a prom because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for high schoolers. I didn’t get to attend this year’s prom so I was really looking forward to next years,” junior Ashlynn Mathis said.

For decades, football holds the main priority here at NC, leaving other clubs and sports to lie in the dark.

“During football season, the stadium is filled. The crowds are constantly cheering and almost all of NC shows up. If you look at the lacrosse game, nobody is in the crowd. We’re lucky if we even get an announcement for an upcoming game,” girls lacrosse coach Cathy Ezzell said.

Despite the anger from students, the administration plans to continue with the jumbotron. Although the jumbotron destroyed student’s hopes and dreams, students can look forward to one good thing: bubble parties.

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