NC opens to incoming freshman


courtesy of James Auld

A student panel full of Magnet seniors answered prospective students’ questions about the Magnet program and what all the program offers. This room specifically answered questions pertaining to how Magnet helped seniors pick out where they wanted to attend college.

Haley Kish, Photo Editor

The time comes for incoming freshmen to start looking at what Magnet school they wish to attend for their high school career. The NC Magnet open house ran from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, October 15. Students in grades ranging from current freshmen through seniors volunteered to show the various opportunities offered by the NC Magnet program. 

Current Magnet students stood at the main entrance of NC, providing a warm welcome as they greeted the eighth graders and their families. After they walked in, a Magnet student-guided them to the Performing Arts Center (PAC) while they answered questions or concerns from the prospective students and their families. 

“I felt great giving tours to incoming freshmen because I have such pride in NC. It is so nice to be in a place that values its students and where the community feels wholesome and real,” Magnet senior Chandler Qualie said.

This year, the open house showcased not only the Freshman Academy and the main cafeteria, but the Deal Building as well. The Deal Building offered eighth graders a look at travel opportunities, college pathways and the AP Capstone program. In the Freshman Academy ID computer lab, the world language classes set up tri-folds, each with a different language on them. The main cafeteria held all the different clubs NC offers. Each setup held a student panel where the parents and eighth graders asked questions about the topic or more Magnet opportunities. 

The open house provided a different perspective in seeing what the NC Magnet program can provide for future students. The help of current students enrolled in the program assured incoming freshmen of the unique opportunities found only at NC.