Warriors lose matches against rivals


Estefany Perdomo-Montoya

Senior wrestler Jamal Kinchen keeps a tight grip around North Paulding wrestler in one of the calmest moments of the match. He focuses on the match and plans his next move in the match struggling to pin his opponent. While the North Paulding wrestler clearly struggles to escape Kinchen’s grip.

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya, Staff

NC wrestlers started the season with key wins and improved skills; the Warriors maintained high spirits at the start of their first match as NC faced McEachern Indians and later North Paulding Wolverines on Wednesday, December 4. The Warriors lost both matches, a 51-6 loss to McEachern and a 33-31 loss to North Paulding.  Despite this loss, the wrestlers kept a positive attitude throughout the night as they won individual matches.

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya
In a clear battle for control the North Paulding wrestler attempts to escape Kinchen’s grip and loses balance while trying to stand. Throughout this Kinchen perceivers and keeps his grip once again forcing the North Paulding wrestler to the ground. Kinchen kept control throughout the match with only a few escapes from the North Paulding wrestler.

McEachern pushed NC to their limits in every match, exhausting the NC wrestlers. The only matches won scored minor points for the team. 

“McEachern has some of the toughest wrestlers they go at you so quickly that you cannot think about your next move,” Senior Anthony Miranda. 

Even with an overall team loss, Junior Eiden Iglesias showed his skill with an impressive win against the Wolverines. In wrestling, each individual match counts towards the team’s overall score and here Iglesias added to his team yet NC still lost to North Paulding. Iglesias struggled to place a grip on the North Paulding wrestler so he could take him down. North Paulding took advantage of Iglesias’ struggle and flipped him over placing Iglesias in a quick lock on the ground. Iglesias reacted quickly,  placing a grip on the North Paulding wrestler, reversing control and pinning the North Paulding wrestler in two minutes and 35 seconds in the second period. Iglesias proved the value of staying prepared to make a split-second decision that gained him a pin. 

“Preparing for your match is the hardest thing. Once you’re in there it’s about focusing on not who you’re wrestling but how you wrestle. Work what you know and put your all into it,” Junior Iglesias said. 

In another key match for the Warriors senior, Jamal Kinchen, went straight for a takedown in the first period. The North Paulding wrestler struggled to escape but eventually managed to get out of Jamal’s grip. Kinchen kept control of the match during the second period and maintained a three-point lead. In the third period, the match increased in intensity as both wrestlers tried to pin the other  Kinchen prevailed and won the match. 

“It was a hard match, but I had to push through to get the win for my team,” Senior Kinchen said.

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya
Sometimes you need to let them escape so you can gain control,” said Senior Kinchen.
After a quick takedown Kinchen could not manage to pin his opponent’s shoulder to the ground and allowed him to escape his grip. Wrestlers allow this escape in order to gain a firm control later.

The night ended in an intense match that decided the winning team between Tyler Rogers and a North Paulding wrestler. Rogers seemed to control his opponent in the first period. Both wrestlers fought for control until Rogers maintained a loose grip on Paulding which resulted in Paulding reversing positions and pinning Rogers. Even after the loss, the Warriors were proud of their individual wins that night.