The Chant combats COVID-19: New vaccine


Marissa Amorose

The Chant recently created a vaccine to fight off the COVID-19 virus. The vaccine currently exists as the most effective vaccine compared to Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and the Moderna vaccines. People no longer need to worry about contracting and spreading COVID-19.

Marissa Amorose, Reporter

NC’s newspaper, The Chant recently created a COVID-19 vaccine. Several of The Chant’s editors and reporters tested out the new vaccine to ensure its effectiveness. Afterwards, they collaborated with a doctor, who certified the vaccination as 100 percent effective. This means the vaccine exists as the most effective in the world at this point in time. 

People of all ages can receive the vaccine and only have to acquire the shot once. They do not need extra booster shots like with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the Johnson-Johnson vaccine offers similar features, but The Chant’s vaccine fights off COVID-19 in a more efficient manner. 

“I am so proud that The Chant is working towards herd immunity by creating a vaccine for the world to use. I heard that it has already been approved for Emergency Use Authorization. NC is the best,” NC nurse, Fikera Gerald said.

The Chant tested its revolutionary vaccine on a variety of freshmen. So far, it did not show any side-effects besides one freshman growing an extra arm overnight. However,  the experiment did not harm any freshmen in the process, excluding the extra arm of course. 

“I love the new vaccine. I got COVID in the past, but with this new vaccine I have not gotten it yet. Now I do not have to worry about spreading or getting COVID anymore,” NC freshman Ryan Vickers said.

COVID hotspots, such as China purchased the new vaccine to help decline COVID cases in their own countries. With all of the money The Chant earned, the editors and reporters can now move into a high rise building instead of remaining in the closet the class currently works out of. 

The Chant’s vaccine gained so much popularity that everyone began to forget about the competing vaccines. Hopefully even more countries and people will pay for the vaccine and become COVID free like the freshman and other students at NC who received The Chant’s vaccine. 

April Fool’s, you fool!


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