A new marching band


Reggie Dill

Marching band provides satisfactory exercise and serves as a healthy activity for high school students. Marching with no instruments can focus on strict exercise and production, rather than the sounds of the music. “I feel like I would be more healthy and strong if I’m totally focusing on my physical exercise rather than focusing on how good my playing sounds. I think the rest of the band would appreciate the harsh exercise to help us be more fit,” freshman Victor Aguilar said.

Callie Kinsinger, Reporter

After winning grand champion last year, the NC marching band should take it up a notch and beat last year’s performance by using no instruments. For a new and creative style of marching band this season, no instruments would differentiate their band from other high school bands. They could win easily because it would show something judges have never seen before.

“I think the band should be consistently focusing on improving their performance so we can win, and if that means us taking away instruments, then I am fully for doing what’s best for the band as a whole. I would feel more confident knowing I was gonna win without instruments than begging to play and losing the overall competition,” freshman Victor Aguilar said.

Instead of the normal marching, the band should focus on mainly visual performance with a backtrack, rather than the students playing the music. The backtrack would overall maintain a cleaner, better sound, gaining more points in the final judging. With a slim chance of a musical mess up, the band would appear at its best.

No playing of music would also prevent injuries. Students who march with large musical instruments can suffer from back and shoulder pains. When they do not carry the instruments, they can not obtain injuries. This could save families from spending money on medical bills.

“A lot of my marching band friends have complained about their pain and even I have experienced some pain myself. We are all so tired at the end of the season and I would just generally feel so much better if I wasn’t carrying the pain of my instrument constantly for months on end,” freshman Henry Witchsy said.

No instruments majorly lowers the cost of marching band. More students could participate in the band as they would pay fewer fees for instrument equipment, etc. When traveling for competitions, no instruments must travel along with the students. This lowers the cost of buses and travel equipment, leaving more money for technological aspects. This would make marching band a more inclusive activity.

No instruments also would prevent the instrument shaming many students receive. Different sections get different treatment because of their instrument. Completely eliminating instruments would give all students an equal opportunity about learning the same things.

Marching band with no instruments would also prevent students from burning out their abilities prior to the beginning of the school year and regular school concert band. This would completely improve the efficiency of regular bands throughout the year as students would feel completely charged.

“I feel like after marching band I don’t do as well in the first couple months of school because I’m so focused on playing at football games and competitions. If I wasn’t playing my instrument as much over the summer I would feel more proud of myself playing in the regular band because I would be playing better,” Witchsy said.


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