Freshman shaped hole in the wall!


Najalae Griffith

On Friday, April 1, 2022, freshman Mohammed Sonko became eager for lunch. At 12:34 PM he gained the courage to sprint through the hallways of Freshman Academy. His plan of running to B lunch seemed successful until he bumped into an administrator and crashed right into the wall in the freshman academy leaving a gigantic hole. Of course, he ended up in Mr.Bell’s office for his impulsive behavior and now finds himself with nine days of OSS. Mohammed ended up in the hospital to make sure he did not obtain a head injury from all of the bricks he crashed into. “I’m very thankful my injuries are subtle. It could have been a lot worse if my head hit the wall first. I hope my big mistake becomes a lesson for all who decide to sprint to lunch just to be the first in line. It is not a race. We are all traveling to the same place and trying to do the same thing. There is no reason we should have people racing in the hallways like it’s a marathon just to sit down and eat a meal.” freshman, Mohammed Sonko. Just like Mohammed, 23 other kids do the same and run to lunch while acting as if they run track. Since arriving at NC, construction workers can not figure out a way to fix the hole that Sonko created. For now, scene tape becomes a temporary fix to the problem as construction workers place it around the site. April Fools, you fool! XOXO, The Chant

Najalae Griffith, Reporter