Self-care apps make a difference


Callie Kinsinger

Apps can assist mental health tremendously through breathing practices and other exercises, but help does not always occur online. To create an at-peace mindset and help better themselves, people can partake in hobbies and other activities. “One way you can help your mental health is to keep a journal. It might seem a bit embarrassing at first, but it really helps to write down what you feel. It’s important to be able to vent your emotions, and not bottle them up inside,” freshman Nicolas Fusaro said.

Callie Kinsinger, Reporter

A variety of self-care apps made to improve mental health provide an outlet for people struggling with mental health. They serve as a short-term way to vent and provide relaxation and rest. These apps revolve around positive and healing thoughts, keeping away from the negative energy that becomes harmful to a plethora of people.

“These apps have helped me by persuading me to do basic daily tasks that would better myself. For example, I use the app, Finch. Finch motivates me to do daily tasks, which I gain points for to help raise a baby bird to adulthood,” freshman Laila Sain said.

Mental health apps majorly prioritize sleep. Regular and correct sleep patterns and unwinding breathing exercises commonly appear on all the apps. Meditation practices offered on the apps help a plethora of people calm their breathing and recollect their thoughts. Apps can easily control excessive and stressful thoughts through their features.

These apps mostly exist with no connection to other users, making a safe place for people that want to vent in private. Rather than talking to a therapist one-on-one, a number of people feel more comfortable on an app with no judgment or opinions. This temporary alternative to therapy works better for people that feel ashamed of their issues or want to access help at any time.

“A lot of the things Finch focuses on are the good vibes it’s trying to give you. The way it’s designed is all cutesy and stuff. It’s really easy to navigate so that’s one of the things that makes it popular. It focuses on mental health and the user a lot, like how you’re feeling, the goals and the reminders,” freshman Amanda Millena said.

Several apps also involve a points system where doing tasks off a to-do list can earn in-game points. It helps people feel they have accomplished something, and they want to achieve more. These apps keep numerous people motivated to do tasks and on a daily schedule, making them organized and active each day.

“The apps focus on basic daily tasks because it’s sometimes hard to remember or feel like doing everyday things such as showering, eating and brushing your teeth. These are generally important things and the app helps people remember to do them,” Sain said.

The apps can also include mood trackers that help users reflect on their week and what they want to modify. The apps can even give suggestions as to what moods associate with what activities, helping stay away from events that affect one negatively. Affirmations and positive quotes show up through notifications or messages to uplift users. These help a number of people feel a sense of purpose and belonging.

Mental health apps also involve fitness goals to help those struggling to stay in shape, by reminding important habits like hygiene and physical activity exist. They can support exercise tutorials or videos of workouts that one should do, and how to do them. They encourage these exercises as numerous people use exercise as an outlet to the world.

Another important thing these apps include that helps people the most includes an area to write, whether it includes prompts or not. These writing areas allow users to let out all their thoughts in one place. These ranting areas create visuals of what people think, which helps them figure out ways to manage their problems.

Although the apps cannot supply long-term therapy replacement or solve problems, they serve as sufficient in-the-moment solutions to the panic and worries of people using the apps. The apps help numerous people each day to keep their feelings and thoughts in control.