The scoop on Scoops


Ciara Whimbush

NC junior Imani Wilson and sophomore Aubrey McPherson work as Scoops employees on the weekends. Students and their families in Downtown Acworth frequently visit Scoops for their delicious array of ice cream flavors available. “It is really fun [working with people from school] because we get to relate on different topics all the time. When we’re at school we can also talk about work, and it is easy because if we see each other at school and we need to change shifts, instead of texting each other it’s a lot easier [to talk to each other at school],” McPherson says.

Ciara Whimbush, Reporter

The Scoops Ice Cream franchise found a fresh home in downtown Acworth, a prominent local destination for residents and visitors alike. Since its opening in July 2022, the newest popular place on North Main Street can make anybody feel at home as soon as they walk in. With the colorful interior, nostalgic sweets and inviting environment waiting for all those who walk in, Scoops quickly established itself as downtown’s hottest sweet spot.
  “It’s also a candy shop! The music and positive energy set the tone which allows scoops to cater to audiences of all ages. Acworth has a history of being a ‘homely’ town, unlike bigger, industrial cities. Historic Acworth didn’t have a nostalgic ice cream shop, so Scoops became the addition to the antique shops and such around Acworth. Scoops fits the main street vibe rather than a regular corporate company in regards to friendliness, homeliness, and a positive local environment.” NC junior Scoops employee Imani Wilson said.

Scoops’ journey began in 1990, when founders Jimmy and Susan Kirk opened the original Scoops location in downtown Madison, GA. The original location saw so much success that after 15 years, another location opened up in Covington, GA. Since then, eight more locations have opened around Georgia’s cities such as Bainbridge, Sugar Hill and McDonough, with three more locations on the way in Americus, Lagrange and Watkinsville. The company looks to expand and keep franchising, with hopes to spread the joy of the enterprise to other communities.

       The ice cream flavors available at Scoops appeal to customers of any age. With the 32 delicious flavors available, one can find classics such as butter pecan and birthday cake. Fruity sherbet options include pineapple, raspberry and orange; and other nostalgic selections such as banana pudding, cotton candy and key lime pie. The candy shop also features various chocolate-covered treats, gourmet dipped apples and several kinds of lollipops and taffies. 

Scoops, the newest addition to a list of delicious restaurants in the Acworth area, joins other adored establishments such as Henry’s Louisiana Grill, Fuscos via Roma and 1885 Grill. The shop also joins other prominent buildings in downtown districts such as StarStuff and Two LiRu Antiques and Decor. 

“Sometimes it gets a little bit stressful when it is nighttime and all of the people from Henry’s are coming over, but it is still really fun because it is just a party-ish vibe in here, and it is just a good vibe all the time when people are coming in from all of the different places and restaurants around. It’s like a community, really,” NC sophomore Scoops employee Aubrey McPherson said.

Open seven days a week, Scoops stays ready to make anyone’s day all the better, no matter their tastes or preferences. With delightful goodies and location, the shop deserves the number one spot on everybody’s to-do list.