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At last, the beautiful Zendaya and the handsome Tom Holland swore faithfulness to one another last week in France. They plan to dedicate time to one another as a newlywed couple and travel around Europe. Fans who love their relationship celebrate and fans who only love Zendaya or Holland cry. Congratulations to the beloved newly wedded couple.

Divine Idiku, Reporter

Saturday, March 11, 2023, Zendaya and Tom Holland married one another privately in a hotel in France. Rumors swirled around that Zendaya turned down Holland’s proposal, but fortunately, she did not and happily accepted his proposal. After filming and the release of the record-breaking movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland proposed to her and she joyfully said yes. They spent the last year planning for their beautiful and romantic wedding that took place last week. Despite contrasting interests and beliefs regarding their careers and building families, their love stood strong through those circumstances and blossomed further, leading to this fateful day.

“I was very surprised when I heard that they got married. They always denied the rumors of them dating and now all of a sudden; they are married. I hope they are still acting because I’m really looking forward to seeing Zendaya in Euphoria season 3,” junior Maria Hidalgo Casco said.

They plan to tour Europe and spend a few days in Hawaii for their honeymoon. For all the fans of both Zendaya and Tom; they both still plan to continue acting, with Holland on set to start filming his fourth Spider-man movie late this year and Zendaya set to start filming Euphoria season three sometime this year. They do not plan to build a family just yet, they want to enjoy their fresh marriage together as Mr. and Mrs. Holland for now and also focus on their careers. Numerous fans’ hearts broke today at the news of people’s celebrity crushes or favorite actors marrying one another. Fans who love seeing Zendaya and Tom together celebrate the news of their favorite couple joining together as one finally.

Although Holland wants to settle down and build a family with his beloved wife Zendaya, she still holds goals that she wants to achieve as an actress. She became the youngest person and the second Black woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding lead actress with her role in Euphoria as Rue. Although she made amazing achievements at such a young age in her career, she wants to win an Oscar award and while she still can, she wants to explore different roles in her career; therefore, she holds no plan as of right now to build a family. Fans rejoice loudly, knowing they can still see their beloved actors on screen; Marvel fans and Euphoria fans jump on their feet, knowing they can watch another movie and season of their favorite actors.

“I’ve seen interviews of Tom explaining that he does not want to play Spider-man till he is thirty or how he wants to be a dad and I got so scared. I am so happy that he will be filming another Spiderman movie and I am so so happy that Zendaya plans to continue acting. I look forward to seeing what they do this year,” junior Nadia Estime said.


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