North Cobb forward Kenny Ume officially retires from basketball

Ume, the go-to shooter in any situation, shoots a technical free throw against Kennesaw Mountain.

Andrew Lubbers

Ume, the go-to shooter in any situation, shoots a technical free throw against Kennesaw Mountain.

Andrew Lubbers, Special Coverage editor

After a successful junior year and earning a place on the all-region team, North Cobb forward Kenny Ume officially announced his retirement from basketball on Wednesday, April 1.

“I’ve been a varsity player since my freshman year,” Ume said, “I feel like I’ve accomplished everything I need to in the orange and blue.”

The decision does not come as a surprise to many. Ume’s retirement rumors were a storyline all season as he completed a Derek Jeter-like farewell tour across the county, being honored by schools such as Harrison, Hillgrove, and Kennesaw Mountain.

“A kid that good does not need to play in college, much less his senior year in high school, we’re definitely happy we won’t have to see him again,” Hillgrove coach Ed Morris said, overjoyed by the announcement.

Ume’s teammates, though disappointed, understanded his decision.

“We’ll miss Kenny for sure, but he made the best decision for his family and his situation,” point guard Ricky Shearman said.

Ume lives at home with his mother while his older brother resides at Western Carolina University on a football scholarship. The decision to forgo another scholarship opportunity only seemed fair to the rest of the sports world.

Head Coach Terry Gorsuch could not be prouder of Ume’s milestone as he says: “Kenny is the only player I’ve ever coached to retire after his junior season, its a major accomplishment, especially since he still has another year of eligibility.”

In his retirement, Ume plans to attend North Cobb for his senior year, but instead of focusing on basketball, he will focus on what makes him happy.

“With basketball behind me, I’ll be able to see the school for what it is and have more time to adventure the hallways and interact with people from different backgrounds,” he said.

Many retired the athletes travel the world after they finish playing the sport they love. For Ume, the halls of the school of international studies will have to do.


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