ACT prep class expense exceeds value


Emmett Schindler

NC’s ACT Prep class geared students for a five-week course to succeed on the ACT.

Emmett Schindler, News editor

For five weeks, NC held an ACT preparation class, sponsored by The Learning Island, to help ready students for the upcoming ACT test on Saturday, February 6. NC students, as well as students from other schools, came to meet in room 212 every Monday, Wednesday, and some Fridays starting January 6.  

Instructors of The Learning Island visited NC in plans to help the students that signed up to get the best score on the ACT possible. They started by handing out a test booklet with multiple practice exams for each subject in the ACT (grammar, math, reading, and science) with thorough explanations on the correct answer.

Two different instructors came to NC, one for the reading and grammar portion and one for the math and science section. Each instructor imposed different approaches. The reading and grammar instructor told the group about each test, simply explaining the criteria and the time provided to take it. Then, the group took practice exams and she revealed the correct answers, when a student could easily flip to the key. The math and science instructor started by tipping students on how to effectively test, such as think through every answer, apply all prior knowledge, and most importantly: pace yourself. He then went question by question, helping each student figure out how to solve each problem. He also asked the students if they wanted to go over any specific problems they did not understand.

“Although there was a clear lack of communication and organization in the beginning, the course as a whole was a sufficient preparation for the test,” junior Natalie Len said.

After the course, I realize now that the course should not have been $400. I see it as a large payment of an ACT preparation book, with some people who tell students to work them out.

I took the ACT this past Saturday, and all-in-all felt pretty confident afterwards. Despite feeling overwhelmed for the lack of time given for the reading section, once I started, I did not feel as rushed as usual. But if I went back, paying $25 for the book might not have been the best investment.

The Chant’s grade: C