NC votes: Denver over Carolina


Emmett Schindler

While 56% of the 100 students asked believe Denver will win, Carolina trails very close behind.

Emmett Schindler , Editor-in-Chief

The NFL season kicks off tonight with the infamous Super Bowl rematch of the Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos. Denver swiped Cam Newton’s almost perfect run by dominating them in the Super Bowl. Von Miller disrupted the offense like no other, which ended up awarding him the Super Bowl MVP.

Since 2013, the Super Bowl winner from the year before hosts the first game of the season on Thursday night. It just so happens that Denver plays Carolina’s division this year, so the scheduling committee decided to make the Super Bowl rematch the first week, the first time since 1970.

So, I walked around NC asking people who they think will win tonight’s game, and the results do not surprise. 56 of the 100 students said Denver, the main reason being because they won last year. But, 44 students said Carolina, mainly because of the amazing skills of last years regular season MVP, Cam Newton. Nonetheless, it will be a great game and possibly the best idea to start off this anticipated season.