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Christophe Cesar
Christophe Cesar is a senior at North Cobb. He wants to be a writer when he grows up, and would love to be an independent writer for film.

"To be honest, my favorite part of film is how you can convey so many feelings through film. When people watch movies, it is crazy how ordinary people can get invested. Take, Star Wars. It's an important platform for almost every aspect of life nowadays," Cesar said.

He has a wide range of film interests: "I'll watch anything." It first originated with music and music videos and then it branched out into movies and film. Sound and soundtracks were his first draw. "Star Wars, I was watching that recently, and thought, wow, this has some great music in it. Even classic cartoons, the soundtracks, the theme songs, I took a lot of notice of early on," Cesar said.

Cesar for video broadcasting recently won FilmFest with his group, which spurred his obsession on into a pure passion: "I always wanted to get into stuff like that, but my household never really gave me the chance to get a good camera, and I have all these great ideas to write and to put to screen. But now that we won FilmFest with my ideas and my script, this is something I really want to do. I want to take this to a level that is unique."

He is likely going to attend Vanderbilt for creative writing or Georgia State for film when he graduates this spring.


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Christophe Cesar