Fish reigns over newspaper as new Editor-in-Chief


Isabella Keaton

Chief proudly wears his crown as The Chant’s rightful Editor-in-Chief.

Isabella Keaton, Features Editor

When arguing and bitterness becomes the norm in a classroom, change usually needs to happen. A new form of punishment or a new from of direction usually ends the chaos.

Readers of The Chant everyday view the site thinking little of the title Editor in Chief. A title that rules all, senior Tara Anastasoff took control of The Chant at the beginning of her junior year of high school. Soon after the start of her reign, Anastasoff began changing our newspaper to a news website that merely only cover what she wants and how she wanted.

“Everyday, I would walk into class scared of what work she would pile on top of me. Tara was a force of nature and no one could do anything wrong or she would literally make us run a lap around the school like she was a coach. I mean, I did lose some weight though,” sophomore Shelpy Me said.

Newspaper turned into a communist club devoted to Anastasoff and her only.

“One time, she had me told a tissue for her while she blew her nose. Yeah, that was really manipulative,” freshman Judy Ohhelp said.

No one could do anything to stop her, and all the students remained stuck under her rule until now. After years of depression and anger, the reign of senior Tara Anastasoff now ceases to exist.

“Our knight in shining armour finally came for us. Chief really saved us and now I am so happy I get to finish out my senior year in a class I love with an Editor in Chief I love,” senior Maggie Fishsavedus said.

Formerly a boring betta fish sitting in a bowl of dirty water, Chief now takes over as Editor in Chief.  Since the class adopted Chief as a pet fish earlier this year from PetSmart, Chief’s life mission remained as ruling the newspaper class at NC.

“                                                                                                    ,” Chief said.

The students love having Chief in charge and Anastasoff out on the streets. He leads with power that amazes other teachers, leaving a smile on adviser Zavala’s face.

“I mean, it’s cool having a fish in charge. The floor is always wet though because his bowl keeps falling out of the Editor in Chief chair. We almost lost him for a second. That was pretty scary,” junior Ross Ingrid said.

The newspaper students now proudly walk the halls of NC. They no longer run scared away from class as their awful past leader chases them down the hallway. The Chant welcomes a new era into their life: the era of Chief the betta fish.

Happy April Fool’s, you fool!


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