NC institutes mandated dress code beginning in fall


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The NC administration announced its new uniform policy Friday afternoon. The announcement sparked controversy among students, who remain unsure of how to feel about the enforced uniform policy beginning next fall. The new policy serves to help NC create school-wide unity and help inspire students to perform to the best of their ability academically, as well as in all aspects of their life. “While uniforms may seem like an abrupt change to students right now I know it will prove to be beneficial in the long run,” NC counselor Michelle Perlin said.

Amber Roldan, Staff

NC breaks the public school status quo and announces that when students return in the fall they must wear newly assigned school uniforms, with this strict dress code taking effect on the first day of school on August 2. This dress code will aid NC in its efforts to create a sense of unity throughout the school in order to offer students the finest academic experience and highschool career. The policy constitutes a portion of the administration’s “91 by 21” plan to reach a 91% graduation rate by 2021.

“I am so excited for the start of our dress code next fall. I honestly believe it is going to help students focus more on their education and less on their popularity and social status,” NC principal Matt Moody said.

NC’s uniforms will incorporate the school’s beloved colors, including navy blue sweaters with khaki skirts for all females and navy blue collared dress shirts with khaki dress pants and a blue and orange striped tie for male students: each sweater and a collared shirt will exhibit NC’s esteemed logo stitched onto the top right side of the shirts. These elegant uniform combinations will allow NC to reach its goal of maintaining a homogenous environment, where students can focus on what they learned inside of the classroom instead of the outfit they chose to wear that day. 

Uniform packages (offered for $25) will include 3 sweaters and two skirts for female students and three dress shirts and two pairs of khaki pants for males; the package will also include an NC sweatshirt for students to wear on select spirit days, where the administration will not require students to dress in uniform as long as they wear an assortment of NC spirit wear. NC’s administration plans on hosting two spirit days a month to award students for their participation in the new uniform policy.

“I will definitely miss wearing whatever I want to school, but having a uniform policy is going to save me so much time in the mornings. Now, I won’t have to stress over choosing an outfit to wear every day,” NC Junior Elizabeth Scales said.

A multitude of students manifested a similar mindset to Scales and remained optimistic about the policy: however, numerous students fear that the enforcement of uniforms will strip them of their individuality. Principal Moody remains eager to aid students to the best of his ability during this transitional time and plans to take all of his students’ concerns into consideration as he diligently works to finalize NC’s uniform policy. 

In an effort to forestall and ultimately eliminate taking away students’ individuality, the administration decided they will continue allowing students to attend school with dyed hair and displays of makeup. Moody will also provide students with the opportunity to wear their own unique shoes on a daily basis along with their school uniforms. As NC’s 2019-2020 school year comes to a rapid end, NC’s staff and students eagerly prepare for next year’s uniform enforcement to take place. 

“I am confident that this policy is in the best interest of our students at NC and I suspect that implementing uniforms will allow us to raise our test scores, graduation rate, and college acceptance rate. I look forward to embarking on this new adventure with my NC Warriors,” Moody said.

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