Mr. Rogers: Secret member of the Illuminati


Courtesy of Kripalu

Caption: Mr. Rogers acquired a large fan base during his time, and still remains an icon. While his persona remained sweet on the outside, he affiliated himself with the Illuminati and used his platform to mold the minds of young children; hopefully creating new future members. Mr. Rogers showed true evil genius tendencies.

Hannah Cuthbertson, Reporter

The concept of the Illuminati presents many questions including members, purpose, and whether or not an end goal exists. Mr. Rogers, a true icon of our time, may know these answers. Multiple times throughout his career he evidenced an affiliation with the infamous group.  

In a 1988 interview conducted by PBS, Mr. Rogers spoke to parents about how to effectively discipline their children. The Illuminati praises discipline, along with following rules, meaning he knew the subject inside and and out.

“Discipline is important. In order to have a successful future, children must learn to follow rules from the people who love them most,” Mr. Rogers said. 

 Kids hold the key to the future, and the future of the Illuminati remains a mystery. Mr. Rogers knew that if he guided parents in properly teaching their kids to follow rules, he could easily influence more future members. 

Going further, the Illuminati adopted several symbols to maintain secrecy; one of the most frequently used being an owl. Mr. Rogers used several puppets in his show, It’s a Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood; one of the original puppets, an Owl, went by the name “X”. The letter x also holds significance within the Illuminati.

The practitioners of the occult often associate with the mockery of Christianity, so perhaps they are trying to use [X] against the Christians (similar to the inverted cross),” Illuminati watcher states. 

Mr. Rogers used X the owl to send subliminal messages to children and to signal to any members who already watched his show. On many occasions, he talked to the owl as if attempting to hint at a viewer’s higher purpose; asking the owl if he could see the child behind the screen, and how they would grow up to do special things. These present as classic manipulation techniques that Mr. Rogers used to shape the minds of his young audience. 

“I used to watch Mr. Rogers’ show every evening when I was younger, he taught a lot of great life lessons, but I always felt strange afterwards as if I was meant for something more. And he never made any regular jobs sound appealing, so I had no idea what I was longing for,” sophomore Jasmine Negron said. 

Many children fell victim to Mr. Rogers’ manipulative techniques. He held the perfect position for an Illuminati member looking to recruit new members. Children and parents trusted him and he obtained a large fan base. He also possessed talent with words and public speaking and always treated people with kindness. He not only associated himself with the Illuminati, but his thorough cover-up shows his true inner genius. 

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