NC teachers give up their careers


Jasmina Buranich

Selling muffins as a fundraiser for an undervalued sport and club quickly turned into a dream come true for two NC teachers. The teachers sell muffins for two dollars each and plan to sell dozens more when their shop opens in the summer of 2022. The NC students will miss their beloved teachers, but support them in their ambition for a full-time muffin business.

Jasmina Buranich, Reporter

With a small scale of funding to the robotics and wrestling teams, two NC teachers, Jeffery Bettis and Adam Cogbill started to sell muffins as a new source of income. After several years of hard work and dedication to educating students of all ages, the two teachers decided to take a step back from their careers to pursue their true dream of a muffin business. Despite their love for teaching, their love for muffins stands stronger seeing as they look forward to selling muffins each day.

“I know that I have been teaching for a long time, but once I got my first profits I simply could not stop. I am doing some good here, and in today’s world, we truly need it. There are plenty of educators, but how many small business muffin trios does the world have? I want to do this for the rest of my life, it is what makes me happy. Despite my love for teaching, I will not be returning after this semester,” Bettis said.

Both teachers spend class changes and early mornings selling muffins to students, faculty and staff in the 300 hallway. Bettis and Cogbill sell dozens of muffins every week and plan to sell dozens more in their new shop. Bettis will scrap his original plans of retiring in a few years, and will instead retire at the end of the 2022-2023 school year. Cogbill, on the other hand, officially leaves NC at the end of March and does not plan to return to his teaching career.

“I want everyone to know I tried to stick it out until the end of the school year, but I can’t even focus while I am teaching. I am constantly waiting for the bell to ring so that way I can sell muffins with Coach Bettis. I can not wait for our shop, so no, I do not plan to come back. I am leaving at the beginning of April, and I am never looking back,” Cogbill said.


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