NC’s Amnesty International club takes on the world


Ciara Whimbush

Amnesty International, a club initiated and conducted by students, joins NC’s long list of clubs. Student leaders rose to the challenge of pioneering an organization, including magnet seniors Nancy Manasreh and Neeve Ram. The co-presidents encourage other students who want to start a club to strive for their goal, and reach out for help. “Don’t be afraid to ask for a sponsor. Teachers will definitely help, and as long as you’re passionate your idea will pull through,” Manasreh said.

Ciara Whimbush, Reporter

One of NC’s newest student-led organizations, Amnesty International, imparts students to extend their involvement in advocacy and assistance for human rights. At a school where community service and worldwide studies hold in high regard, Amnesty International stands as the perfect blend for students who enjoy both aspects. Founded by magnet seniors and co-presidents Nancy Manasreh and Neeve Ram, Amnesty International offers a helping hand worldwide through service projects. Other members of leadership include magnet senior Claire Scafidi as secretary, magnet junior Sophia Shelton as events chair and magnet sophomore Lena Manasreh as social media chair. Passionately guided, the club hopes to teach students about global problems, and ways Amnesty International and NC can create solutions in Kennesaw, Georgia.

“We started in March of 2022 right before the school year ended. We wanted to try to get members and decide what service projects would be appropriate. We started Amnesty because there is no club that concentrates on international human rights,” Ram said. 

The club sets itself apart from others by focusing on one country per month to do service projects. During the club meeting on September 22, attendees discussed and learned about the current country of the month, Yemen. The club members also wrote letters of encouragement, support and well wishes to healthcare workers in Afghanistan. 

“I love that Amnesty International is dedicated to focusing on global issues and global donation drives, I don’t think we have a club quite like that at North Cobb, and I love that we are focusing on Amnesty itself, which is the organization that was in place. I love that the club is focused on that. I was driven and drawn by Neeve and Nancy’s leadership because they are both incredible people,” Scafidi said. 

Amnesty International joins several other clubs started in NC in 2022, such as Entrepreneur Alley and Key club. The club also plans to host a clothing drive of autumnal items such as sweaters and jeans. In the future, Manasreh, Ram and all members of leadership hope to increase club participation in addition to executing service projects in multiple countries all over the world. 

“I think the best part of Amnesty International is learning about other countries and really being a part of [the] change. Students should join because we are different than other clubs. I think an all-rounded student should have different types of clubs they participate in since there is so much you can learn,” Ram said.