Students explore Career Explorers Club


Callie Kinsinger

Magnet sophomore Tristan Mick started Career Explorers Club (CEC) to help students narrow their future pathways. Members partake in group discussions to ease the anxiety about their lives after high school. Meeting on the first Wednesday of each month, CEC continues to grow and help students identify their passions.

Callie Kinsinger, Features Editor

Founded by magnet sophomore Tristan Mick, Career Explorers Club (CEC), introduces students to various career pathways and the easiest ways to achieve their goals, regarding occupation interests. Members aim to identify their passions and begin planning their life after high school.

“I first wanted to start the club in freshman year because I found that me and a lot of other people I knew were confused about what they wanted to do after high school. It was especially plaguing because the uncertainty of not knowing what I will do with myself in just a few years was extremely anxiety-inducing for me,” Mick said.

An active student in the NC community, Mick takes part in Asian Student Association, (ASA) Beta Club, Black Student Union (BSU) and Sources of Strength. He wants to study medicine in the future, specifically anesthesiology. Mick entered the magnet program freshman year, and worked to focus on his studies and behave well in school.

“I joined because I’ve always been confused about what I want to do as a career. Even though I’ve only been able to attend one meeting, I really like it. It’s going great and I can’t wait to attend the next meeting because it’s helped open up many resources to find out what I want to do in the future,” magnet sophomore Addison Hill said.

CEC meets after school the first Wednesday of every month in room 2219 from 3:30-4:15. Typical meetings consist of group discussions about topics of interest, as occasionally magnet counselor Brie Perozzi can provide insight or answer questions.

The club allows students to find opportunities for internships and colleges that would push them to the future they desire. The club presents community service options and clubs inside and outside of school that would help students present themselves better in the field they choose.

Mick ensures a supportive community inside his club, with the air open to questions and comments. Numerous students joined CEC particularly to narrow the options of their future to specifically what seems best for each person. As various students struggle with the ever-looming anxiety of life after high school, Mick wants to allow students a safe space for these worries.

“My goal is to help as many people as I can begin to sketch out what they want so they know what they have to do. Thus far, we have discussed using introspection to properly identify certain pathways, dismiss others and begin experimenting with different topics of interest,” Mick said.

Members that join CEC will become at ease with their future, even if they still do not know what they specifically want to do. CEC allows students to feel confident in their plans for the time ahead and share them with others.