Coming soon: Oprah speaks at 2023 NC graduation


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NC eagerly sent an email to all students, parents and staff members announcing that THE Oprah Winfrey will grace the stage with her presence May 27, 2023, at senior graduation. With NC’s very own Lauren Lee as her great-niece, Oprah voluntarily decided that she will deliver a quick, intellectual and productive commencement speech as the seniors step into the real world.

Erinn Gardner, Editor in Chief

NC recently announced that Oprah Winfrey will deliver a brief commencement speech at the upcoming 2023 graduation in the Kennesaw State University (KSU) convocation center. With hundreds of students eager to walk across the stage and little time to spare, Oprah will succinctly impart wisdom to them as they prepare to spread their wings and fly into a new chapter of life. While Oprah remains notorious for her graduation speeches, no staff member nor student particularly expected her to make an appearance at the life-changing event. 

“Graduation is typically very quick and we like to be in and out, but we couldn’t pass this up. Oprah graciously volunteered her precious time to us and this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The speech will only be about 20 minutes, but I’m just excited to listen to the wisdom she’s going to drop on our students,” principal Matt Moody said. 

This would not stand possible if junior Chant member Lauren Lee did not serve as her proud great-niece. Due to a work obligation, Oprah, unfortunately, did not attend graduation when Lee’s brother, Quinton Lee, walked the stage in 2022. However, she plans on flying to Georgia for a Memorial weekend family gathering. She wished to support Lee’s high school in any way, so she suggested that she come to graduation and speak for a few minutes. Nothing excites Oprah more than putting a smile on students’ faces and helping them recognize their fullest potential.

“Oprah is my grandma’s half-sister, but I only get to see her like once a year because she’s just so busy and she lives all the way in California. She told my dad to reach out to the school to let them know that she’s willing to come and say a few words since she’ll be in town. My brother is jealous because he graduated last year and she wasn’t in town, but I think it will be an amazing opportunity for the school and even for her,” Lee said.

After May 27, NC seniors can confidently say that they graduated high school and shared the same air as Oprah. 


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