Tyler Queen’s reign continues: Back from Auburn and better than ever


Emmett Schindler, Sports editor, reporter

One of the most popular and beloved students to ever attend North Cobb, senior Tyler Queen, has decided to come back and play for the Warrior football team for one more year. Despite the fact that he is currently attending Auburn University after receiving a football scholarship, Queen never felt he received his most coveted goal: a championship ring.

“I always felt welcome at North Cobb and hate to leave with unfinished business. I owe more to my team and my coaches before I move on to be a Tiger,” Queen stated.

In his years here as a Warrior, Queen brought the football team to the playoffs multiple times, and a game short of a shot to play at the Georgia Dome. He broke records as a sophomore and continued to turn heads through his junior year. His senior year ended in a disappointing fashion as the Warriors lost in the first round of the playoffs, ending Queen’s journey as a high school quarter-back.

But Queen has other plans now. His return back to the Warriors is the best comeback since Peyton Manning and North Cobb is ready to watch him on Friday nights once again.

“It was hard to see him go, and I think it’s a really great idea for him to come back and play another year. I’ve seen him get so much better at throwing the pigskin. I know he’s capable of doing ever more” his father, Coach Shane Queen said.

On the other hand, some of the students at North Cobb think it is a poor decision, as they think Queen’s time as a Warrior is over and it’s time for a new quarterback in the position.

“Yeah he was a’ight, but he has other things going for him now and we can’t rely our team on the same dude every year. He makes it seem like we need him, but maybe it’s him that needs us,” junior Scott McDonald stated.

The controversy will continue to spark until next season, and no one will finally know the starting quarterback until then, but for now people will continue to argue. Tyler Queen, arguably one of the best athletes ever to come to North Cobb, hops back on the Warrior bus, hoping not to get stopped by all the traffic.


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