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Five lunch and breakfast meals come included in a student meal kit. Some of the food includes fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and bread products. “We serve absolutely high quality food rule. Our food rule will be just as good if not better compared to any fast food places that anyone can go and we serve all quality ingredients,” Asif Edrish said.

Meal Kits at North Cobb

Beth Hudson, Reporter
September 17, 2020
Today, meatballs made their comeback in the World Fare line. Previously served with a choice of rice or spaghetti, the meatballs proved popular among students before their disappearance. “We try new items monthly, to see how the kids like them.” Asif Edrish, the food services director at NC, said. In addition the meatballs, students can also expect a new chicken curry option on Thursday.

The miraculous return of meatballs

Erin Grier, Photographer, Reporter
February 6, 2018
	A little bee devours the remnants of a student’s fallen jelly outside the NC lunch room. For bees, winter marks the start of their hibernation. Female bees kick the males out of the hive because the males eat all of the provisions meant to last until springtime.

Be(e) easy

Zion Fitch, Videographer, photo
October 27, 2017
Taylor Teli

Flexed up

Taylor Teli, Photographer
October 26, 2017
The U.S army sent representatives to NC during to inform students about their options. “We just give them basic information of what the Army offers,” army representative Colon said. Interested students can also set up appointments for further information.

The Army still wants YOU!

Natalia Alvarez, Photographer, Reporter
October 19, 2017
Letterman jackets, an iconic symbol for high school athletes, previously ruled schools all over the world. Nowadays, that might not be the case. Jacket fittings and sales took place in the main cafeteria today. The table features designs of all colors, yet they have not made any sales. “I like them (letterman jackets), but I feel like they aren’t as cool as they once were,” NC sophomore Isaac Stobo said.

The fall of an icon

Madeline Powers, Photographer
September 18, 2017
NC student buys a $20 homecoming ticket from a volunteer two days before the event. The 2017-18 theme, LA to the A, begins in Los Angeles while traveling to three major cities before arriving in Atlanta. The homecoming dance will take place on Saturday, September 16th, in the cafeteria.

Passport to Homecoming

Taylor Teli, Photographer
September 14, 2017
The NC special education program partners with Zoyo every Thursday to sell frozen yogurt in the freshman academy. There are five different flavors to choose from, and every week the organization offers a new flavor. At $2 per cup, the table raises money for the special education program at NC.

Yo, come get some Zoyo!

Taylor Teli, Photographer
August 24, 2017
Capture the 2015-16 school year through photos by purchasing a yearbook! Yearbook members will be in the cafeteria all week accepting orders. Relive the memories from this year for only $90.

Purchase your yearbooks!

March 15, 2016
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