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A scarecrow stands in downtown Kennesaw as part of the Scarecrows on Main event, and while Halloween draws ever closer, families look for Covid-safe activities to celebrate the holiday. “Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I was feeling a little concerned that this year we might have to skip on it. Luckily our community is coming together to make sure Covid doesn’t put a damper on celebrations,” Kennesaw Mountain sophomore John Davis said.

Never fear, Halloween events are here

Dominik Perez, Entertainment Editor
October 27, 2020
KSU paused a large number of on-campus activities in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Concerts and other annual public events no longer take place, while any sports still commencing enforce several limits and restrictions. KSU keeps students safe and engaged in the 2020-21 semester by incorporating an alternate rotation schedule, where students participate in online classes one week and attend in-person classes the following week.

Life at KSU

Elijah Pacis, Reporter
October 26, 2020
The class of 2019 attended a senior meeting during an extended homeroom to talk about important announcements about graduation, important dates, and graduation tickets. Each senior will receive five tickets for their family to attend the graduation ceremony on May 23, 2019. ”Senior year has been nothing but good to me. I am excited to graduate and ready to start college, I cannot wait for the rest of my senior year and everything that is in store for me,” senior Kevin Nguyen said. Current Kennesaw State University students also presented their college advice to the seniors after the graduation presentation.

Graduation in 3…2…1…!

Dehlin Lee, Reporter, Photographer
February 27, 2019
NC seniors Reed Walker, Ryan Camesa, and Christine Call utilize the community's public facilities to study for their upcoming finals and complete homework.

Into the community we go!

Tara Anastasoff, Editor-in-Chief, Photo Editor
November 29, 2018
Three new delegates answer five minutes worth of questions about their proposed resolution to the Iranian nuclear crisis after they were told that U.N. investigators found weapons-grade Uranium in Iran.

Model UN hosts successful New Delegate conference

Michael Smith, Photographer, Reporter
October 26, 2015
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