Student athletes commit to college with Spring Signing Day [photo gallery]


Nabila Pranto

Seniors Jake Tuckman, Tre Kirkland, Jordan Chandler, Taylor and Mackenzie Krause all committed to colleges.

Friends, family, and coaches of seniors Jordan Chandler, Jake Tuchmann, McKenzie Krause, Taylor Krause, and Tre Kirklin gathered in the media center Wednesday morning to celebrate the signing of NC’s most decorated athletes.

The Krause twins signed with Georgia Military college to play softball, Kirklin signed to play baseball at Chattahoochee Valley, Tuchmann will continue his tennis career at Lincoln Memorial University, and Chandler signed to play lacrosse at Oglethorpe University.

Both Krauses played four years of varsity softball and Tuchmann boasts a 49-4 career record on the court.

Kirklin played three years of varsity baseball, starting in center field for both his junior and senior years.

“The Chattahoochee players and coaches made me feel like I was apart of the family as soon as I stepped onto campus,” Kirklin said. “I like the way they play the game, how they win with such consistency, and how often they send kids to the next level whether that be a 4 year university or through the draft.”

Chandler broke the Lady Warriors record for career saves just two games into her senior season and will continue to defend the goal in college.

“When I visited Oglethorpe I knew that it was home,” Chandler said. “Coach Giannerini so amazing and welcoming. I could tell that she really wanted me on her team. I couldn’t find a better school, coach, or team anywhere else.”